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Egypt - July 2019

Here are some pictures and videos from my trip to the Red Sea the last week of July, 2019.  I stayed on the Aggressor I liveaboard ship for 6 days with my friend Lee completing 3 to 4 dives per day.  The water temperature was 88 degrees - the air temperature a lot higher!  I was able to see Hammerhead and Oceanic White Tip sharks, swim with Dolphins, and dive through some stunning coral canyons and tunnels.  As always, if any divers are considering travelling to this area I would be happy to share the details of my trip to help you decide if it would be right for you. --Mike Balderson

Found Nemo- Clownfish.
The reefs were in excellent health.  No bleaching anywhere on the southern route.Coral walls over 100 feet in height!
Mike and dive buddy Lee getting ready to jump in the Red Sea.
Mike on his 15 foot safety stop to off-gas nitrogen in his system. Anemone fish - aka Clownfish
Lee celebrating his 200th dive. They " baked" a cake on his head. Flour, eggs, chocolate, and letting the sun do the baking.
Swimming with mother and baby Spinner dolphins in the Red Sea.
Diving in canyons, caves,  and tunnels with coral walls all around. Watch the giant clam start to close as we get closer.

Soft corals are beautiful when you add some light to them.
Pillar coral. Rare to see in the US.
Napoleon Wrasse. Very large and friendly.  About 3 to 4 feet in length.  Would come right up next to you.