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Running a business isn’t easy. Luckily, managing employee benefits can be. At no cost to you!

Your employees deserve best-in-class benefits, and you deserve a best-in-class broker. WealthMap Financial Advisors is pleased to offer access to Ease, the platform solution to connect the dots. Bonus: You can send offer letters and digitally collect signatures, sync benefits and payroll data, and ensure coverage meets compliance with Ease's suite of HR tools, too.

Happy employees = engaged employees.

Ease allows employees to:

  • Compare plans and cost per-pay-period details.
  • Explore plan options and make smart selections.
  • Find benefits information from anywhere, anytime.

Stress-free setup.

Open enrollment doesn’t have to be stressful — move your benefits plans to Ease.

Open enrollment creeps up quickly and before you know it, you have to go through mountains of enrollments. Digitize the enrollment process by moving all your benefits plans on Ease. During plan setup, access the exclusive rates library to automatically add rates instead of manually entering them one by one.

In need of an enrollment form? Ease has got ‘em. More than 6,000 carrier forms are already mapped, and if you need a different form added, just ask. Once the plans have been created, it takes minutes to renew the plans each year.

Let’s be honest, benefits aren’t necessarily the easiest thing to understand when you’re not spending every day with them. Employees inevitably have questions about the upside of each plan option, and Ease makes it easier by laying it all out. Our plan comparison highlights the coverage details of each plan and the cost per pay period compared to other available plans. If the employee needs more time to weigh the differences, no sweat. All this info remains available 24/7 through desktop and mobile.

Employees aren’t standing still until the next enrollment period. Throughout the year, employees could be getting married, having children, or moving to a new state. Attempting to keep track of the changes throughout the year can be overwhelming by yourself, but Ease has your back. Anytime an employee makes a demographic change or adds a new qualifying life event (QLE), you will be automatically notified via email. Once the email pops up in your inbox, you can review and submit the information to the proper carriers.

Let Ease track enrollment progress across the board for you. As employees go through the enrollment process, you can quickly identify which employees are in progress, have not started, or have completed their elections. Is the end of open enrollment sneaking up? Simply send a message to all employees that haven’t finished their enrollments directly through Ease.

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Big-time benefits.

Take your digital enrollment experience to the next level with EaseConnect+ and EaseConnect carrier partners.

Since enrollment forms are already being filled out and signed electronically within Ease, why not let the system submit them directly to the carrier for you? After a simple setup, say “see ya” to manually downloading forms and sending them over to the carrier. And you’ll enjoy the support of Ease's dedicated analyst team every step of the way.

With a connection between Ease and your preferred carriers, you can rest assured knowing the correct enrollments are submitted. Plus, you get access to enhanced visibility and streamlined communication between you, your employer groups, and your preferred carriers.

Offer a new level of service to your employer groups by connecting your benefits solutions directly to premier carriers. The speed and accuracy of the information and elections being sent directly through the system will be game-changing for any open enrollment, late enrollments, or new hires. And any changes completed throughout the year will be sent automatically to the carriers, including adds, changes, and terminations.

Ease is in the process of adding more insurance carriers each year. We will make sure all your plans are seamlessly integrated with the carrier to free you from the paperwork.

The options below are additional services employers may add when using Ease to manage benefits with WealthMap Financial Advisors.* 

*Additional fees may apply

HR help? OK!

Manage HR essentials and benefits enrollments in the same place.

Why stop at being only a benefits solution? Be the business solution. HR is a crucial part of any company, and it’s time to make it easy.

Don’t stop at paid time off (PTO) requests. Tap into payroll connections, ACA reporting, onboarding and offboarding employees, and staying compliant. Keep the whole business on Ease for the best single sign-on experience for your employees.

Your employees need a break. Guarantee adherence to PTO policies by submitting time-off requests directly through Ease. Once an employee submits a request, their manager can approve or deny it. Need to limit the amount of employees that are off on a certain day? Double check the coverage on the time-off calendar before approving new requests. The time-off calendar tracks which employees are on PTO, and can be customized with work holidays.

A full directory of employees at your fingertips. See the full list or move through the ranks in the organization chart. Start at the top with the CEO, and see the connections between employees. Even take a peek at the metrics pertaining to job titles, locations, or diversity. The information is tracked in Ease and organized for you.


Want to learn more?

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One-stop payroll and benefits.

Payroll and benefits go together like peanut butter and jelly. It makes sense to have a solution that handles both. 

Thanks to the magic of thoughtful technology, small businesses are no longer relegated to separate benefits and payroll systems (and multiple points of data entry). Half the work and double the functionality? You got it.

Integrated payroll solutions mean you:

Save Time. 

An API connection securely matches demographic and deduction information between Ease and integrated payroll software partners. Meaning: Changes made in one system automatically appear in the other and drastically reduce the risk of errors. Plus the time saved here frees up HR teams to focus on what matters most.

Reduce headaches.

Integrating benefits and payroll solutions means there’s at least one less login to remember. For employees, that’s one less place to worry about updating demographic or benefits information and one simple, unified view to see all their payroll, tax, and benefits information.

Ease plays nice with a number of different payroll providers (and counting).


Simplify ACA filing.

Make ACA compliance easy and avoid IRS penalties and fines.

ACA rules and regulations change constantly. And, we know it’s hard for brokers and human resource management teams to find the time to stay current with what needs to be done when, and how, when it only happens once a year. Rely on a compliance solution that takes care of determining employee healthcare eligibility and activates the required reporting to avoid IRS penalties and fines.

Annual employer ACA filing responsibilities

After our Applicable Large Employer (ALE) calculation determines ACA reporting is required, employers simply need to do three things. Then we take it from there by generating the appropriate reports and keeping track of ACA reporting deadlines.

  1. Enable the ACA module in the Marketplace.
  2. Fill out our templates to stay up-to-date with current and historical employee enrollment and demographic information.
  3. Retrieve the data needed from payroll providers to track eligibility for variable hour workers monthly, or by implementing look-back measurement and stability periods.

Simple and accurate electronic processing!

All that’s left to do? Download the required forms for employees to electronically sign and employers to submit to the IRS.  It’s just that easy.

ACA with Ease works.

Ease automatically calculates employee eligibility, verifies codes for required 1094/1095 IRS reporting, and accesses electronic filing by tracking current and historical employee data within the system. 

Then, ACA with Ease measures affordability to ensure coverage meets the ACA’s Minimum Essential Coverage standard by using plan data in one of three ways: W-2 form, rate of pay, and the federal poverty line. 

If you would like more information, or a demonstration on how Ease can help simplify your employee payroll and benefits system, please contact us today!