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4 Best Apps For Increasing Your Personal Productivity in 2020 Thumbnail

4 Best Apps For Increasing Your Personal Productivity in 2020

As of January 2020, there were 1.84 million apps available for download through Apple’s App Store and 2.57 million available through Google Play.1 Of those apps, 25 percent were gaming apps, making gaming the largest category of offerings for our phones.2 With those numbers, it should come as no surprise that many of us find our smartphones to be a big distraction from our personal and professional productivity throughout the day. Below we’ve rounded up four apps smartphone users can use to actually increase efficiency and personal productivity.

App #1: Todoist  

Todoist is an app designed to help users stay on track with their daily goals and meetings. Using the app, add various events and goals to your calendar. Throughout the day, this intuitive app will keep you updated on your daily progress while helping you stay accountable. Todoist is designed to effectively manage your day and help you increase your personal productivity.

App #2: Evernote

Most smartphones include a note-taking app, which many users take advantage of to jot down important information quickly. The app, Evernote, is designed to help those who struggle with keeping their smartphone notes organized. Evernote allows users to keep both work-related professional drafts and personal notes well-organized and separated on their smartphones. With Evernote, you can keep as many notes as you want and the notes can be kept for as long as you want without worry. 

App #3: Dropbox

If you’ve ever needed access to an important file but didn’t have your laptop near you, you are not alone. Dropbox was created to help users access essential documents anytime. Whether you want to share folders with others, or sync, share and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, Dropbox offers the access you need to do it. 

App #4: Headspace

One of the most effective ways you can work to improve your productivity is to focus on calming yourself and balancing your mind. Headspace is an app that guides users through meditation. Whether you’re experiencing stress at work or at home, most could benefit from taking the time to realign and reorganize thoughts. Using the app only takes 10 minutes a day, preferably as you sit in a quiet place that allows you to focus on your meditation. 

These four free mobile apps can be used to not only make your daily routine more productive but to increase your productivity at work as well. In the end, it’s up to you to make sure that you are meeting your daily productivity goals, both personally and professionally. Consider holding yourself accountable by incorporating these apps into your daily routine. 

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