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Mike's Jazz Band Reunion Thumbnail

Mike's Jazz Band Reunion

I played saxophone in band and stage (jazz) band all though school.  I hadn’t seen my band mates since 1977, my senior year in high school.  We all loved our teacher Mr. Johnson.  He had reached out and sent everyone a CD of us playing some very difficult pieces that we had performed.  We had a talented group and many went on to teach music and others went on to make a career in performing music.  We decided to have a surprise reunion for Mr. Johnson- now 83 years old.   What a blast! I reunited with people I hadn’t seen in 40 years. Conversations took off like we had just seen each other last week.  The opportunities Mr. Johnson provided to a bunch of kids was amazing. Performing at country club events (black tie),  providing Big Band music for the crowds, competing in contests, and meeting popular artists of the day in person!  A lifetime of memories in three short years. Thanks to you Mr. Johnson!