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Veterinary Industry Trends in 2018 and Beyond Thumbnail

Veterinary Industry Trends in 2018 and Beyond

This article talks about trends in the veterinary business model including telemedicine.  As a firm that is involved in providing investment advice and  health insurance plans for businesses, we have seen this trend increase in usage over the last 5 years.  While it is not widely used as of yet, those clients that live in larger cities are looking for ways to hold meetings over the internet to save time and avoid traffic congestion issues.  These reasons can also apply to rural locations where traveling a long distance, especially in winter, is difficult.  All major insurance companies in our state now offer telemedicine and Dr. appointments over the internet.  With it being so easy and inexpensive to set up, is this a technology that will catch on in the veterinarian world between the pcv and their clients?    It is already common in the specialty care part of the practices which happens mainly between the vets themselves.  We shall see….Mike Balderson